Project 1 SAINSBURY'S INTEGRATED FEATURE RAFT Solution: To eliminate the uni-strut upper raft and integrate all lighting and services within the raft beams, to create a cleaner & less cluttered visual appearance, enhancing the overall look and feel. Project 2 LIDL STORE REDEVELOPMENT Gaelite designed, manufactured and installed illuminated ceiling rafts throughout the redeveloped Rathmines store. Project 3 DUNNES 'TOASTERS' Project 4 CAFE SOL CEILING RAFTS Project 5 BARRISOL WORLD LEADER OF STRETCHED CEILINGS We work in partnership with Barrisol, installing their innovative range of stretch ceiling products for customers around the world. KUWAIT DUBLIN Project 6 SPAR ABBEY STREET, DUBLIN Complete external and internal concept development and implementation. 01 02 03 04 PROJECTS > 05 VIEW NEXT PROJECTkeyboard_arrow_right 06